1st December 2023

PDC: Message from Nakivale

Nakivale is a refugee settlement in Western Uganda, where residents face many challenges exacerbated by poverty. There are several permaculture initiatives within the community and ...
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biochar up close

The Biochar story

Getting into biochar Much as been published on this subject in recent years, but there is still much more research to be done and work ...
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PDC trailer, permaculture in the borders

Full PDC at Treflach farm January 2023 A PDC is an internationally recognised curriculum of 72 hours. We are offering this over 24 weeks, with ...
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S39 pdc poster

Permaculture Design Course 2023

Study Permaculture design as part of an international group, with leading teachers. Live from Treflach farm, Shropshire. Study theroy online with options for live practical ...
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soil food web

Soil Masterclass

Dr Elaine Ingram brings soil to life Every student of permaculture will gain deep insight into the biology of soil through this essential lecture from ...
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fedge at Treflach farm

Treflach farm, mandala garden

Treflach Mandala, is a log term soil building experiment as well as a community garden bringing people together to grow food, learn and enjoy a ...
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SUII: Community Gardens, Beyond Community

Community Gardens Beyond Communities, SUII from Alex Caldow on Vimeo. S39 academy members contributed their stories to three of the case studies covered by the ...
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Academy of Permaculture presents: #PDC_2023, permaculture design in a changing world

A Journey into permaculture A full PDC – over 24 weeks = 3-hour session each week Join the S39 Academy of Permaculture at Treflach farm ...
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August update, Sector39 podcast

Permaculture comes of age Introduction 0:00 – 1:00 Sector39 and the climate crisis 1:00 – 4:15 About this podcast 4:15 – 5:13 What is permaculture? ...
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Full Permaculture design Course, UK

Full PDC, over 12 months Full PDC, (permaculture design course) spread over 12 months, in a series of 12 weekends. 1 day theory and one ...
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