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24th October 2020
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Save tree nursary

Permaculture trainee Rose Nibagwire is developing a tree nursery at Save school. She and her team are using a mixed food forest to stabilize and ...
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Save School Rwanda

In the picture above, project leader Rose Nibagwire is visited by Barnabe Mukezangango. I first met and worked with them both in May 2018 on ...
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Compost champions!

i take my hat off for the Save School project team, led by Rose Nibagwire, making what to me looks like the biggest compost heap ...
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Six months in, round up

This is what will be the Budumba training centre which is now occupied by Mr Franco and family members where they are working to establish ...
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Thoughts on gully erosion

Water, to be useful and to become available to plants needs to soak into the ground. Problems always can occur when there is surface flow, ...
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Swales @ Save

The school is suffering from bad gully erosion caused by the steep slopes and heavy rainfall. The intention is to trap it, encourage it to ...
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Demonstration and training centres

The vision for this project is to create a series of four demonstration centers, using permaculture design and our existing networks of friends, trainees and ...
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