26th May 2020

Kumi update

Site report on progress at Kumi Happy home, site preparation. [19:25, 5/16/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: Concerning the issue of our priorities you needed to know ...
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Progress in Kumi

it is an amazing opportunity, we have the vision of building a community owned training co-operative which will be based with in the Happy Home ...
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Even small donations have a big effect

Permaculture seeks to create the maximum output from the minimum input. In other words strategic investment at the right time can have a significant long ...
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paul ogola permaculture teacher

First works at Budumba

Works were interrupted by the requirement to return how to Northern Kenya however works at Budumba managed to complete 9 of the planned 14 days ...
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Demonstration and training centres

The vision for this project is to create a series of four demonstration centers, using permaculture design and our existing networks of friends, trainees and ...
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