Permaculture Academy
3rd July 2020

Happy home progress

[12:21, 5/24/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: Principle 5 of Permaculture states that; Use and value Renewable Resources and Services.

[12:26, 5/24/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: Our team yesterday shared practically this principle as were  we were setting up and constructing a local greenhouse using locally available  resources.

[12:29, 5/24/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: When complete this will be used to propagate fruit, shade tree and vegetable seedlings.

The poles used are provide canopy since they are to sprout. We intend also to plant a few passion fruits around the poles that will provide shelter for the seedlings.

Use of IPM to fight plant pests and diseases is one of our culture as Eastern Uganda Permaculture Organization. Yesterday part of our teammates mixed red pepper, pineapple, avocado, yellow bananas, garlic, pumpkin, molasses to form a solution of 20 litre jerrycan to be fermented for two weeks before use.