Permaculture Academy
3rd July 2020

Kumi PDC countdown

What will be a proud moment for Sector39 is that the PDC at Kumi will be the first one with an all Africa teaching team, trained through our PDC’s and project work. Back in 2015 when we first were planning to teach permaculture in Uganda we realised the goal is to create diploma level trainees in Africa so that continuing education doesn’t rely on inputs for the UK. Obviously we shall continue to support our trainee network and the proejct emerging from the but with this step we hope to reach a new level with the work.

Godfrey Kumi PDC17: Today it was such an interesting day in transplanting egg plants, green peppers, onions tomatoes and carrots EUPO team was joined with one of the our 2017 Kamuli PDC Alumni.
Godfrey Kumi PDC17: His name called Ali Tebandeke ( green overall) was such an added inspiration to the team as we shared a lot on diverse permaculture techniuecs and ethics and preparation for 2020 Kumi leo.

Harvesting rain water and soaking it into the ground. This is the cheapest and most effective way to store water and stop if from eroding. The EUPA team also noticed the large amount of run-off from the road outside and are channeling that into the garden catchment system.

Building a strong Permaculture Network and Partnership is key in fostering Permaculture Development. This is one one of the EUPO team members objectives. Some of EUPO together with 2017 Kamuli PDC alumni pause for a photo after today’s day action on the garden.