26th May 2020

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This certificated non-residential PDC will run in real time over 12 days. Originally planned as a camping/ residential experience on a ground-breaking regenerative farm we have consequently restructured to meet our current reality. one positive is it makes the course much cheaper without the accommodation options.

Expect will approx 5 hours of structured activities each day – some elements of which are essential – core content, others more in depth and can be caught up with at a later date.

  • All sessions available on download and you may work in your own time within the course outline
  • 40 min Zoom session each morning to kick start the day.
  • Longer more relaxed sessions each evening, live from the farm.
  • Practical challenges to complete at home
  • Design challenge – work as part of team on a design challenge a the farm, or on your own on design of your choosing
  • We will re-convene 2-weeks later to present our designs

Please use this form to secure your place on the Full Permaculture Design Course at Treflach farm. Under current conditions the course has been restructured to be none residential, although will be an opportunity to visit the farm itself in small, safe groups during the middle weekend, please indicate your preferred slow to visit on the form

Booking for PDC@Treflach farm 2020

Please pay here@ £125 + £25 pay it forward donation to international students. Total = £150.00