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8th August 2020


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Small and Slow Solutions – free download

I truly believe this is the best introduction to Permaculture out there. Read it and learn, no matter how experienced you are. This is a work of genius with lots of links to further learning.

Jon Kean, Permaculture Association Britain
Small and slow solutions
permaculture in school and community
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Permaculture in School and Community

Permaculture Design Course Curriculum

This is the core PDC curriculum as outlined by the Permaculture Association of Britain. On a PDC we try to explain these key idea in theory, on the blackboard, visit actual sites demonstrating the ideas/ show slideshows of ideas in practice and take part in practicals, this reinforce and develops an understanding of these ideas in theory, visual and practical ways.

A resource book for teachers and trainers
A manual developed for in-field trainers, with permaculture students in Northern Uganda, at Maaji and Bidibidi refugee settlements 2018.

Its only 30 pages, many illustrations, in black and white and large type for easy photocopying or reading from a smart phone

Tropical Permaculture Guidebook
Produced as a collaboration between Permaculture from teachers from East Timor and Australia. it is all encompassing work. It is broken into chapters. Click for a 41mb download of the chapter on Home and Garden.

A gift of ‘permaculture knowledge’ from Timor-Leste

The revised and expanded international edition is a comprehensive reference guide to tropical permaculture. This unique book provides practical information for anyone, regardless of experience.

A gift of permaculture knowledge from Timor Leste,

United Nations Refugee team produced a permaculture handbook 2001 and have critiqued its strengths and weaknesses in refugee situations. It has much to offer, but if the refugees themselves are invested in the place, or developing longer times strategies then its potential can be limited they point out. It is copyright but I am sure we can share for evaluation purposes.

Free downloads, please make a donation if you are able