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29th October 2020


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Episode 2: A visist to Garth Hillside Organic Garden.

Podcast 1: Covid, climate change & what comes next, what might the future hold? Permaculture has much to offer on this subject

Holmgren's scenarios
Possible futures and stages of change,
from David Holmgren
Sector39 Podcast 1, Covid, climate change and permaculture
david holmgren's future scenarios model
Ignoring the Geo-physical realities of our planet will lead to a severe collapse. It is pure fantasy to think economic growth and materialism can restart again and not trigger run away climate change, this has to be our turning point.
transition plan for community led change
Change as a process


Individuals and communities can most effectively initiate change and build resilience from the centre out, meeting own needs first and investing any surplus into community as well as building longer term support systems. Community owned and operated food and transport provision, starting small and local can build rapidly over time.

At a state level we can collectively lobby and plan for green tech infrastructure projects while governments at a global level become responsible for decommissioning the oil, gas and nuclear industries.

Sector39 is an independent enterprise supporting permaculture education in Wales and East Africa, small donations really help!
This is a very inspirational documentary and gives insight into how we might frame responses to collapse scenarios.