S39 Academy of Permaculture
29th October 2020

Treflach/ Online July 2020

Introductions and preparation for your PDC

  • Permaculture is about working with Change
  • Climate change
  • Cycles and patterns
  • Exploring your own life journey

permaculture principle 12

Ethics and values. Introduction to Permaculture

PDC day 1: Ethics

  • Earth care
  • People care
  • Fair share – return surplus

SDG's concentric


  • Permaculture is not belief, it is built on observation and experience
  • Nature is our teacher
  • Turning problems into solutions
  • Principles of natural systems
oberve and interact
Logo: created by PDC student Leigh, ‘Observe and Interact’

Catch and store energy

  • Soil and water
  • Slow down the passage of resources through a system
  • Strategies to trap energy in the system


Obtain a yield

  • Growing systems
  • Forests and energy interactions
  • Short-term, medium and long term yields
  • Diversity of yields

Limits and feedback – systems thinking

  • Ecosystems and trophic cascades
  • Everything is connected to everything else

Natural resources – use and value

  • Energy
  • Embodied energy
  • Combustion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Biochar

Cycles: Produce no waste

  • Compost
  • Energy return
  • Inputs and outputs

Patterns to details

Zones and sectors

Pattern language

Seeing the bigger picture


  • Systems, design, strategies
  • People, decision making
  • People as a resource.
  • Cooperation

Small and slow solutions

  • Design
  • Incremental growth

Final presentations

Day at Treflach farm

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