Academy of Permaculture
8th August 2020


PDC group 2018

Permaculture Design Course

There will be an introduction, a session on ethics in permaculture and 12 modules which will explore one of the key 12 principles of permaculture. There are many resources to support this study, include our own publication ‘Small and Slow Solutions‘ which you may download from our resources section

We are writing and testing the modules at present, links to each module will appear below when they are ready, we welcome feed back as we develop this.

We plan to run the course twice this year in real time, once in the UK from Treflach farm and one from Uganda at the Happy Home Training Centre, in July and September

A permaculture design course is an internationally recognized qualification and is based on the core content of the remarkable book Permaculture – A designers manual by Bill Mollison published in 1988 based on a decade of practical work implementing permaculture design principally in Australia


This is the key text, it is expensive to buy, PDF versions (copyright infringement) do exist on the internet for download, but our course will acquaint you with much of what you need to know to get started. the purpose of the course is to disseminate the essential knowledge within this book and the many that have followed it.

Charles Darwin gave us vast insight in the natural world the realization that all species in some way co-operative and are interlinked, ultimately coming from a common origin.


it is our ability to adapt to change that defines our ability to survive.


Bursaries – financial support

if you are form a majority World country, especially Africa then S39 Academy is able to help with costs of accessing the course content. there is no charge but obviously there costs involved at your end in-terms of Airtime, mobile data and printing. Contact our admin team if you feel you might need support to complete this course.

You may access the course content for free , but too take an active part in the real time course there is a fee of £125.00

PAY IT FORWARD, make a consider making small donation here to ensure others may access this information. I suggest £25.00 will enable someone else to complete this same course from a majority world country.


Introduction to the PDC

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