Progress in Kumi

it is an amazing opportunity, we have the vision of building a community owned training co-operative which will be based with in the Happy Home ...
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PDC On line, live in July and September

S39 Academy are exploring how we might deliver permaculture tuition online, in an interactive format, that does not require too much bandwidth. Let us know ...
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Even small donations have a big effect

Permaculture seeks to create the maximum output from the minimum input. In other words strategic investment at the right time can have a significant long ...
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Donation page

I have added a donation page to the site wanted to say a few words about what we hope to achieve with this. We added ...
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paul ogola permaculture teacher

First works at Budumba

Works were interrupted by the requirement to return how to Northern Kenya however works at Budumba managed to complete 9 of the planned 14 days ...
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Meet the team

Sector39 began teaching permaculture in Wales UK in 2006 after 15 years of project development work in Zimbabwe then Wales UK. Over the years we ...
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Feb ’20 UG/ Rw visit

notes, clips and feedback from the S39 Feb/20 visit to work with our team and develop plans for this three year seed-funded project Andrew Kalema ...
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Demonstration and training centres

The vision for this project is to create a series of four demonstration centers, using permaculture design and our existing networks of friends, trainees and ...
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Permaculture 2020

We can only resolve the ecological and climate crisis by changing our relationship with the biosphere, our living earth. From the exploitative, extractive and throw ...
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