6th July 2022

Arkleton update

Arkleton trust Project, Permaculture at the margins

In January 2020, Sector39, supported by Permaculture Association began this 3-year project to create a peer to peer training network for permaculture, through building links created by training and mentioning work generated by a series of permacutlure design courses.

Arkleton are a small independent trust that supports the sharing of information, inspiration, linking people across continents, who facing up to the huge challenges of the 21st century.

This the vision for the Academy of Permaculture, to create an on-going trainee mentoring program, which can facilitate and support project development and accelerate permaculture uptake in a region where it make a significant impact.

Erratic weather due to climate change, economic insecurity and a pandemic whip up an almost perfect storm. The project addresses food and livelihood security at the local level.  It offers organic techniques based on available local resources, often found within the waste stream.

  • Permaculture is a methodology and approach that enables individuals, communities and whole regions to collaborate and form new kinds of networks around mutual support.
  • Permaculture is carbon negative,  encouraging compost and mulching, soil building and mixed farming with trees shrubs and shaded annual beds. Permaculture promotes a strong local economy, community interactions and shared learning. Permaculture’s goals are resilience and regeneration, aiming to empower as many people as possible to contribute to restoring ecologically based, environmentally re-invigorating approaches to meet basic needs like food energy and shelter.
  • Permaculture design has  a significant role to play in the global response to the climate emergency. Permaculture begins with food security, through building healthy soils from organic waste and can help millions of people transform their lives, whilst learning to contribute to global cliamte response.
Rwanda Womens Permaculture
Rwanda Womens Permaculture

This pioneer group have been championing local food projects in the their district in Rwanda, setting a powerful example. This row of avocado trees has been propagated and planted and established by the group, who have been visiting the trees daily during their first dry season, tot tend, water and mulch them.

In the section below explores some of the many outcomes from this work in recent months.

We have picked out some stories from recent weeks of the benefits and outcomes coming directly from this project work. We want to communicate as best we can the ongoing nature of the work and how it seems to be touching new people and finding growth in many directions.

Peer to peer learning networks have the potential to spread information and learning rapid and effectively.  Since Sector39 first began teaching n and networking East Africa, through the Wales for Africa program a network of people places and projects has grown. This 3-year project, supported by Arkleton trust is enabling us to explore how we might build on this to take it forward. We will be inviting all interested to an up and coming Webinar where we will lay out our vision for Sector39 and the Academy beyond this current proejct.

This is work of Deborah who completed her PDC in September 2020, she has gone on to lead in her local community, creating a local permaculture support group.

this serves as a powerful example of how this training network is developing and teaching people in otherwise hard to reach communities.

Presentation for Scottish Universities Insight Institute

Over coming months S39 will be making 3 presentations to a global audience interested in community gardens .

  • PermoAfrica, at Homa Bay Kenya
  • Teso District, Eastern Uganda, 26th January 2022
  • Rwandan Women’s Permaculture, 23rd February 2022

We are producing a short video, a presentation and a written piece for each of the three projects

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