29th November 2023

Building trust at Save School

save school permacultlure

Memorandum Of Understanding

RWOP at Save school
Save school permaculture

Our thanks for the hard work of Rwanda Women’s Permaculture (RWP) project lead Rose Nibagwire, and Save school Head Jaribu Mzaramba John at achieve a memorandum of understanding, paving the way forward for permaculture at the school.

It has taken over a year of work to reach a stage where the school can commit to a long-term relationship with the RWP/ S39 project. Something we have learned in our work with schools such as this one, is that they are constantly changing, expanding and shifting in priorities.

However, food security, soil building and land stabilization is always going to be essential for the long term functioning of the school, even if it is not central to the pupil’s studies. We would of course argue that it should be, but needless to say school’s are judged on their academic results, .

S39/ RWP permaculture at Save school Rwanda

Working with the students, introducing them to the trees and the plans for the landscape

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