6th July 2022

Case study, Deborah

kumi EUPO S39 permaculture trainees
With a sack garden, a space efficient way to grow greens close to the kitchen. Grey water from washing can be used to feed it

Recognition of permaculture student achievement

Deborah is a mother, wife, and small farmer in the Teso region of Uganda. She received training from S39/ EUPO in September in permaculture design and has since gone on to begin the transformation the community around her. This is only the beginning of her story.

Her ambition, her follow on ambition was to become a leader and teacher in her community. Firstly, her neighbor began to copy her techniques, then the local youth gained interest before she developed her own training group of 20 or more people like herself. She hopes to be a full-time permaculture teacher next. Deborah is a good example of the people we are reaching and hope to build our relationship with.
She is ready and feeling empowered and ambitious to extend this work further. Techniques she has been teaching with success include:
• Raised seed/ germination bed
• Key hole beds and raised beds
• Compost making and use of mulches
• Integrated planting
• Surface water entrapment with swales
• Low energy stoves, from thermal mass blocks – clay
• Sack gardens and much more

As she is embedded within the target community she has achieved a great deal with minimal support from the outside. Note she is wearing gumboots, overalls provided by S39 as well as seeds and tools. But this minimal investment has already had a far-reaching impact. Can we support Deborah and her training team to amplify this work much further? With your support I believe we can.

Audio interview with her approx. 6 months after the training

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