3rd March 2024

Update from TAPA, Uganda

TAPA planning meeting The TAPA and APAD groups discuss thier next priorities Teso is a sub-region within Eastern Uganda. It is a hotter and dryer ...
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Community growing, Rwanda

S39 member Stella visited Rwanda this week as as an evaluation trip to on-going permaculture project and community gardening work there.
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SUII: Community Gardens, Beyond Community

Community Gardens Beyond Communities, SUII from Alex Caldow on Vimeo. S39 academy members contributed their stories to three of the case studies covered by the ...
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lorena stove workshop RWP

Fuel efficiency and smoke reduction

Super efficient stove design workshop Part of out 5-day training of trainers work in Rwanda we focussed one morning on a practical workshop building a ...
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Save Training Feedback

Interview 1 After 5 days of training, these students were invited to share their thoughts on what they have learned. These RWP members have been ...
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Rwandan update

Rwandan Women’s Permaculture, ToT I arrived on Sunday, together with my colleague Gerald to begin a 5 day training session with this pioneering group in ...
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SUII: Community Gardens Rwanda

Community gardens in Rwanda, permaculture pioneer Rose has created a permaculture movement in her community in Southern Rwanda, work with the local high school and ...
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save school permacultlure

Building trust at Save School

Memorandum Of Understanding MOU download Our thanks for the hard work of Rwanda Women’s Permaculture (RWP) project lead Rose Nibagwire, and Save school Head Jaribu ...
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rose nibagwire

Save school feedback interviews

“Permaculture, it helps us with innovation and creativity” A whole year has elapsed since Rose began her project with Save school in her home district ...
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tree planing

Food forest at Save

This might not look like much but it is the product of 11 months of work, at Save school, Huye Rwanda. In that time we ...
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