29th November 2023

Code red for climate


Webinar: December, S39 Academy of Permaculture

Sector39 are thrilled to be recognized by the Permaculture Magazine international prize this year and building on that we called a public meeting to present our work and future ambitions. We are here to collaborate and find ways forward that can accelerate permaculture as a tool for regenerative development at this time of climate crisis.

  • Formal presentation led by Steven Jones and Gerald Jagwe
  • Part 2 comments and chat, from Wales, including participants from Uganda, Nigeria, Malaysia, Rwanda and more.


Thank you to everyone who attended and apologize to those who tried to attend and failed, we have problems with the link on the Eventbrite tickets, and we know a good 20 or 30 people who had booked failed to reach us. I hope these videos in some way compensate for that.

It has been suggested that this becomes a monthly event for the coming year as we establish the S39 Academy of Permaculture. It was apparent that this is a very powerful and effective way to share information across the network. With planning and training we can make much better use of these digital tools available to us.

Rwanda Womens Permaculture

Inaugural members of Rwanda Women’s Permaculture

Academy member Deborah wasn’t able to log into the the meeting for a technical reason, however she did send these pictures from her current work, in Eastern Uganda.

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