6th July 2022

Coffee project

Together with Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey co-operative we are preparing our first batch of coffee for sale locally here in our community in Wales and by mail order. It is actually the product of many years of collaboration and work through permaculture that has connected us together.

We are currently working on a video to help tell the story to enable people to understand just how special it is. Permaculture, landscape regeneration, education, fair trade, grassroots development, all of these components come together in the story of this coffee.

My own personal journey and what led to the creation of Sector39 is also kind of wrapped up in it as well. When I first returned from Zimbabwe having studied permaculture there, I had no idea how to bring that experience into my life in the UK. Landless and penniless it was a struggle to find my feet again after years away. This led me to co-ops, to UK permaculture and ultimately, over many stepping stones to where we are today.

So far I am imagining nothing more ambitious that having this playing on a screen in the Dragons shop without an audio track.

I realise also however as I work on this how we are also starting to frame the story we might want to convey to the wider world. S39, permaculture and Wales – Africa links.

happy home PDC Uganda
The next Wales - Africa PDC is in Kumi, Teso Sub-region.
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