26th May 2022

Jane Amunga

Jane, pictured here with international permaculture teacher Morag Gamble from Australia, graduated from the 2018 PDC held in Uganda at Sabina School. She has since taken a leadership role in her community where she is supporting mainly female-led households to develop kitchen gardens to improve food security and encouraging composting and mulching.

S39 believe supporting such key people to become teachers and leaders and exemplars in their own communities is a highly effectively support to communities in distress as a result of erratic weather patterns, C-19, locust attacks and all the other challenges hitting these vulnerable communities currently.

Yes Steve

the funds I am requesting are for permaculture education to the community.

This is what I am teaching the community to do. I go to this farm then to the other. Because you can not meet or teach many people for now. I will be sending you the pictures of everything as I go teaching Steve.

So please help me and my community for all to do permaculture gardening. We really need funds to do this farming Steve.

Please we are requesting… What I am doing is Educating and it is Education. Instead of holding programs with many it is now door to door with one person only. And as you know this is hard work Steve. We must have funds.

I am waiting on you. And about the training we are very much ready with my members even if to arrange at our place it will be okay.

If you say we be part of Homa Bay it’s okay. My desire is for my people to have knowledge and skills. Because we have resources but we don’t know how to use.

Through the permaculture it will be easier to help my community.

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