6th July 2022

Demonstration and training centres

The vision for this project is to create a series of four demonstration centers, using permaculture design and our existing networks of friends, trainees and colleagues to help create them. In the process we hope to develop a firm foundation for permaculture to develop in East Africa.

We have already developed links to a series of like minded networks and organisations working this subject area and in these regions.

  • Permaculture Research Institute of Uganda
  • PermoAfrica Centre Kenya
  • Dolen Ffermio Wales/ Africa
  • Connect Africa (Kampala)
  • Mt Elgon Coffee and Honey Co-operative
  • Hub Cymru Africa (Wales/ Africa)
  • Arkleton Trust UK (support information dissemination)
  • Permaculture Association Britain

Each one of these potential training hubs represents a very different challenge, potential and result. We hope to reach a wide section of the population and use what we learn through this process to develop many more. The academy has the specific intention of creating the next generation of permaculture teachers and leaders for Africa and ultimately for the benefit of the whole planet!

Potential permaculture training centre, Uganda
Hub #1 Kumi, Teso, Uganda. Venue for September PDC 2020.
Happy Home community training centre. Developed by a Korean charity who now, post-funding seek to work with S39 to form a community co-operative that might take over and run the centre. Two S39 PDC graduates are embedded within this current project.

Here is the outcome of a short visit to one of the farmers in the Kumi area supported to incorporate permaculture design into his family holding. https://youtu.be/yS4W5v_1DQc

Rural permaculture training and demonstration centre Uganda
Hub #2 Budumba, Butaleja, Uganda. 6 acre demonstration farm.
Purchased outright by a S39 graduate, the intention is work closely to create a training hub in this remote rural area.
Secondary school, Save, Butare, Rwanda
Hub #3 Save School, Butare, Rwanda
It’s a new school, on a steep hillside suffering significant erosion and with enormous potential for an integrated permaculture design to both harvest rainwater, stop the erosion and provide fruits and vegetables to supplement the diet of the pupils.
Relationship led by Rose Nibagwire, a S39 PDC graduate 2018.
school in Mfangano
Hub #4 Secondary School, Mfangano Island, Homa Bay, Kenya
Fishing and charcoal making are the fall back occupations for small farmers here and the landscape is consequently heavily degraded. We visited in 2018 to meet with two head teachers who had trained with S39 on our 2018 PDC to discuss this potential.
Relationship led by Paul Odiwour Ogola, PermoAfrica Centre, Homa Bay, Kenya.
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