6th July 2022

Eastern Uganda Permaculture – EUPO

Back story: Since 2016 S39 and members of EUPO have been collaborating to bring permaculture education to the region. A Korean charity, called Kumi Happy Hope in Teso region has allowed us to take over their training centre in the build up to hosting a big Permaculture Design Course there in September. In that time members from the area have convened the EUPO group and built a strong team of workers and volunteers. The course we are building too, will be overseen by S39 lead tutor Steve Jones but otherwise this will be our first PDC led by our African trainees.

Here is Godfrey from the EUPO team talking about their plans going forward

[07:07, 6/18/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: Fantastic Steve.

As EUPO team members whenever we are working those are the very issues and dreams we creatively and passionately share, without forgetting your insight you made us to see our vision beyond not depending on day today and short term outside funding but looking into the future after the PDC.

[07:32, 6/18/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: This is what we share with the team. That first and foremost, as EUPO this a great opportunity for us to utilize for the future of our forthcoming generations, besides by us being the first African black people in Uganda to organize the first PDC by ourselves of course with your support Steve, this in itself is a greater achievement. 

Secondly, as a EUPO team by  using and partnering with  Happy Home Resource Centre (South Korean property) though not our very own, and is such a small portion of garden for us to realize EUPO big dream of investing in fully flagged and equipped Permaculture Designed Training Centre or Academy operating based on Cooperative model,  Sept PDC training at Happy Home will determine our next future.

[07:38, 6/18/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: So Steve we really applaud you for the heartfelt and passion you have developed for Uganda and more. Starting from Eastern Uganda and being very specific choosing Kumi and Nyero in Teso sub region. I  mean one would ask Why Teso and Kumi and yet there are such many places you have would  invested your time, effort and  resources but you decide to narrow down and say let us start from Kumi?

[07:44, 6/18/2020] Godfrey Kumi PDC17: On behalf of EUPO Steve we want to assure you that we are ready to carry on with Building resilient and sustainable communities based in permaculture ethics and principles starting from Teso and beyond.

Thank you.

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