26th May 2022

Your permaculture journey starts here

Dragons Brew podcast episode 4 supporting information

This 35 minute lecture below was delivered as part of the Kumi, Uganda PDC in 2020. I am posting it here as I thought it would work as a stand alone session and an introduction for anyone with an interest in the subject.

We had many challenges to face as this happened within the first phase of the pandemic and many of our early preparations had to be changed for the course to proceed. This including myself, normally in lead tutor role, not being in attendance. This created the opportunity for the Kumi permaculture (EUPO) team, to step up and lead on the course. We also changed the format so participants spent less time in the classroom, and the second half of the course moved the focus on the participants to begin to make changes within their home communities, to be later visited by the training team to evaluate progress.

Zach Bush, virologistand micro-biologist is going to shift your world view permanently. From an evolutionary biological perspective he is going to tell you viruses are beautiful and representation an evolutionary update to the human genome. It is interesting stuff for sure and his work is refenernced in the podcast roe than once.

You want to hear some good news?

India, the vast sub continent is embracing permaculture and applying its approaches to some of the most degraded area of the landscape. There is now a series of videos out there worth following exploring how they are reversing erosion using natural processes.

These videos here give a clear illustration of how using these kind of techniques and approaches we can return much of the lost soil carbon to the soils rapidly. This is how we fight climate change.

Dragons Brew are proud to be able to offer a product that helps plant trees, rebuild communities and restore soil carbon, whilst being an excellent coffee. You can buy a 1KG of whole beans by mail from us.

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