26th May 2022


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Permaculture Assocaition of Britain

Kicking off a PDC, I am trying to get people out of their regular day to day perspective. To begin to observe in a more active way, in a more inquiring way too.

Part of this process is the challenge to accept nature as our teacher. Natural processes have shaped and formed the world we are part of, and understanding these timeless processes is the key to understanding how we can live on this planet without destroying. Nature wants to be abundant, left to its own devices it creates a forest, a massive sprawling, diverse interconnected ecosystem. One that is energy efficient and tough and resilient. This is can be our textbook to learn from.

Can we take a step back and look down on a world as a single system, when we step outside on earth we can begin to see it as the beautiful living dynamic thing it really is. Those who have been out into space seem to grasp this reality in a very profound way. This 20 minute video below is a great way to begin this journey.

We are organised into 4 groups
Those of
  • Nyero,
  • Ngora,
  • Kobwiny,
  • Kumi.

Evening presentation Day 2, exploring the ideas of yields in permaculture.

We are structuring our learning around David Holmgren’s 12 principles, so far we are exploring the first 4 principles:

  1. Observe and interact
  2. Catch and store energy
  3. Obtain a yield
  4. Systems and feedback

This evenings slideshow is intended to give an overview and join these ideas together through observed examples of the natural world.

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