25th June 2022

Food forest at Save

tree planing

This might not look like much but it is the product of 11 months of work, at Save school, Huye Rwanda. In that time we have built a good relationship with the school and developed a plan to capture surface flowing rainwater which was eroding the foundations of some of the school buildings as well as carving out erosion channels and gullies and taking away topsoil. Additionally to that the school gardens were under-producing  and there is an opportunity to redirect some of the flow to nourish crops using swales and terracing.

The whole landscape will be stabilized with trees, which the team have also been busy propagating in a tree nursery they established on site – with many species of fruiting trees which we hope will help support the nutrition of the pupils at the school.

This project has been led by Rose Nibagwire and she has used the momentum from this work to establish the Rwandan Women’s Permaculture group.

January update, sharing some of the bounty already!

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