15th August 2022

Fuel efficiency and smoke reduction

lorena stove workshop RWP

Super efficient stove design workshop

Part of out 5-day training of trainers work in Rwanda we focussed one morning on a practical workshop building a stove. this served two purposes, we built an actual stove in someone’s home and we sahred and learned how to plan and deliver a workshop.

The stoves hos two priniple design features.. the rocket effect of having fire inside a tube, which accelerates combustion, raising the temperature and efficiency of cumbustion, and thermal mass, the solid clay walls retain the heat for a long time. Users have reported an 80% fuel efficiency gan and the almost total elimiation of smole. Flue gasses, mainly CO2 nd H2O can also be exhausted to the outside removing the danger of smoke inhilation.

Clay is prepared, same for the adobe mud walls of houses, comporessed, all stones removed and some fibrous materials worked into it to bind it together. Cow manure may be added or similar materials. In this instance the stove was formed around a banana stem whichhad been coated in cooking oil first to prevent it from sticking.

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