25th June 2022

Full PDC, in 3 installments

Next UK permaculture courses with Sector39

  • [PDC Pt.1] Introduction to permaculture design: 3 days Friday 19th to Sun 21st November (nb change from original date advertised.

This is either a stand alone introduction to permaculture or the first part of completing a full PDC.

We will look in depth at David Holmgren’s first 6 principles, which draw heavily on  observations of the natural world of soil/ water/ compost/ and the principles of natural systems. A great and practical way to start your permaculture journey.

Based at Treflach farm where you can see numerous examples of permaculture in practice we will also look at yields and outcomes from permaculture systems. We have designed and are developing a mandala garden at Treflach as an on-going practical exercise and we will explain the logic behind this and share insights into our soil carbon and soil building experiments.

  • [PDC Pt.2] Home study 6 days Dec/ Jan/ Feb

We are learning more and more about how to work on line and present the material through that format. There a great many videos and talks, books and other resources we can share with you for home study and you will be asked to reflect on, react to and discuss key points which arise from these resources through a series of 6 evening seminars, spread over 3 months.

There will also be opportunities to meet and interact with African project partners.

  • [Optional extra] Treflach Thursday’s, Permaculture Club

Every Thursday we welcome people to our permaculture club, to discuss topics and issues and to work on our garden and other on-going projects at the farm. It is free to attend and you get a Treflach Farm pie lunch if you work hard! It is also a chance to hear updates and to interact with our project partners in East Africa.

  • [PDC Pt.3]  Design Workshop @ Treflach farm

The final component of the PDC is to work in a team, using the design tools supplied by the course work generate a real life design. This gives you the experience of using the tools you have learned and apply them to a real world example. The Intention being to give you the confidence to begin using permaculture design in your own life, immediately.

About the PDC

A Permaculture Deign Certificate course follows a set curriculum based on Bill Mollison’s Permaculture designers manual and is a minimum of 72 hours of study. It is designed to give you a broad overview and understanding with a very broad brush stroke of ecology, society and economics. How we humans go about meeting our needs whilst working in harmony with the rhythms and flows of the natural world.

Permaculture design embraces a vision of partnership and regeneration, based on the language of nature.
S39 Academy at Treflach farm
Steve Jones
Lead tutor S39

Booking and payments

PDC course fees are £300, £280.00 paid in advance.

Dates TBC:

Introduction November 2021.

  • over three consecutive days. 10-5pm a full day of study each day

6 weekly seminars: Jan – March

  • 3 hour online face to face session, including tutorials, group work and general discussion. SOme formal presentation also

Design workshop  April 2022

  • Back at the farm for thee days to work on a real world example and experience of using permaculture design tools for problem solving.
permaculture PDC certificate

Any donations to Sector39 are used to support our on-going partnership work with PermoAfrica Kenya, Rwandan Women’s Permaculture and Eastern Uganda Permaculture

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