6th July 2022

Homa Bay project

Homa Bay borders Lake Victoria and includes some lake islands also. In recent years a small cluster of very dedicated permaculture teachers and leaders has evolved here and our question is how do we best support their work?

Sector39 has developed some strong friendships in the area and indeed their work has inspired us greatly. This post is a letter to the pioneers of Homa Bay exploring ways we can build on the work achieved so far.

permaculture team, Homa bay
Paul with students at PermoAfrica training centre
Jane Amunga with Morag Gamble
school on mfangano
George is head teacher of this school on Mfangano
Message to Homa Bay area permaculture pioneers from S39
Kisumu Permaculture Centre
Call +254 721 879141
  • Home to thousands of indigenous and exotic trees, fruits, stone edges and wildlife
  • 10 hectares of unattended self-regenerative system, nature park, campsite, stone climbing, bush cooking, eco-walks and universal permaculture academy

My question to you all is how can we build an effective team and create project work which will inspire investment and funding for us to do more?

We have some great human resources in the area, and a chance to build on this expertise. I am interested to hear your thoughts.

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