23rd May 2022

Introduction to Permaculture

6-day Introduction at PermoAfrica

Focusing on the first 6 principles and ethics of permaculture, this is a pioneering, next step course for Paul Ogola to be offering at PermoAfrica.

The aim was to train 40 people, however Covid restrictions still prohibit that, so instead representatives from 4 communities to work in a smaller group.

This intensive 6-day course provides a foundational understanding in a very practical way. Set at the established demonstration centre there is the ample opportunity to experience a wide variety of techniques drawn from and applications of permaculture principles.

It is an ideal and powerful learning experience for students keen to get a full first taste of what permaculture has to offer.

Sector39 are partnering with PermoAfrica to create a peer to peer learning network across East Africa, sharing learning, best practice and networking.

Each of the four who have completed this training will return to their communities to form the hub of the permaculture group there. Ready to host follow up visits from PermoAfrica to support progress and maintain the momentum. 

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