25th June 2022

Making fuel from plastic waste

Plastic waste is the scourge of the majority world. There is almost no refuse collection and there is nowhere for these waste soda & water bottles to go, along with all the other plastics in the waste stream. If we can find a way to give real economic value to plastic waste then we could well on the way to solving this huge problem.

I am collecting a few videos and other information on the subject here, hopefully to develop interest in developing this potential as a project.

Permaculture principle 6, Produce no waste.

Plastic was has always been a hard one to solve, and the solutions demands a degree of technical expertise and investment in the process and equipment, but this is not out of reach.I think this is well worth pursuing, and can work well in a Ugandan context, at least for as long as there is so much waste plastic around.

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