26th May 2022

PDC day 05: Natural resources

flood run off, Wales

Thoughts about energy, embodied energy and energy generation

Our reliance on fossil fuel energy and distorted our understanding of the value of energy. Underpinning the climate crisis is the need to correct this reaslity.

Energy efficient stove project, Uganda

Above is an earlier cob stove workshops in 2018, Sabina school, Ssanje, Uganda. Below is a version created by one of the South Sudanese participants at their home in Bidibidi. The basic design has been constantly adapted and modified to fit different circusmtances.

Anecdotal reports from the users where that a 4,000UGX bundle of sticks from the market now lasted 1 month, whereas pre-stove it would last one week. In the workshop video we had access to resources such as drain pipe to use as a former, whereas in the village people will typically use a banana stalk as a replacement.


  1. thermal mass of block retains heat
  2. controlled airflow increases combustion efficiency
  3. eradication/ reduction of smoke
  4. opportunity to control and expel all flue gasses
  5. up to 4 times fuel efficiency
  6. Effective and useful cooking

This family had become very adept at regulating the heat and air-flows in the stove and were keen to demonstrate it when we visited.

Thinking about natural resources and services differently

When we can really embrace the power of natural services, energy flows and materials we unleash huge new potentials.

Field trip to Babbinswood Farm

In 2020 two members of the Babbinswood household attended a mainly on-line PDC hosted at Treflach farm. This pictures are from a site visit from then.

Over the last year or so they have been building an ambitious and bold to allow this family owned farm evolve into something more community based and centered on permaculture and what Colin Tudge calls Real Farming.

Content from day 5

Babbinswood farm is currently moving in ownership from a family owned and run dairy farm to a co-cooperatively owned regenerative farm. It is evolving more into an interconnected rural community, embracing a diversity of enterprises and away from the mono-crop model.

In our site tour we saw of the diverse potentials of this 200 year old farm and buildings which are re-inventing themselves currently to meet the challenges and opportunities of the present day.

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