12th April 2024

PDC day 06: Produce no waste

Rsources on water pollution and treatment

The Mississippi enters the Gulf of Mexico laden with nitrates and phosphates from agricultural run offf, creating oxygen depleted zones in the ocean and huge and damaging algal blooms. Nutrients in the wrong place is polution.

Compost making in Africa, note the size of heap, a minimum should be 1 m cube, this generates sufficeint heat to kill off seeds of potential disease organisms and will prodcue a quality compost.

Todays captured videos

The evening session on Friday was a chance to ask questions and review some of the course content. We talked about fish farming, aqua-ponics and more as well as thinking more about how members can collaborate across our network.

  •  10 mins of me talking about my permaculture journey
  • followed by talking about aspirations for the S39 Academy
    also trying to understand how new currencies and internet technology might help facilitate a permaculture economy and facilitate permaculture investment
  • Then exploring the S39 Academy idea and the plans we have next for that.
  • Also talking about Paul Ogola’s teaching initiate and he he approaches it
  • Testimony from Paul Ogoa
  • (@50 mins), interview with Deborah, Uganda PDC graduate 2020
    (sound file posted below, inaudible in video)

We are proposing S39 Academy members use SignalApp  for communication.