29th November 2023

PDC day 11: Edges

imlil, morocco
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Permaculture is fascinated with edges and margins. At the edge you tend to experience two aspects of both environments, unique sets of conditions and often the place where change or re-growth comes from is from an edge. Thinks also about the edges of society, the misfits, the social edges, poets writers and thinkers with new perspectives often arise in these areas.

Permaculture itself originated from an edge, a cross-disciplinary subject that didn’t sit easily within a university department, Mollison was prepared to leave his established job to nurture the new ideas and insights he had gained.

Ear;y adapters of permaculture also came form social edges, young, alternatives, campaigners and protesters, but also and importantly majority world people, where food security is an issue, an economic edge, instantly saw its potential and in India, Nepal, Zimbabwe permaculture quickly took root.

A 2018 project was working with Norwegian Refugee Council to introduce permaculture into the huge refugee settlements in Northern Uganda. Throughout that whole year we developed and delivered a 7-month training program focused on making best use of the natural resources int hat area, which tended to be undervalued and mis-used. The two videos posted explore and document that experience.

Refugees and dsiplaced people in marginal and undeveloped areas, on the border between Uganda and South Sudan, and other interesting and unique set of edges.

Live recrdings day 11

Chance for some of the PDC participants to share their thoughts on the final evening.
Really wonderful conbribution from James and the Natate team, who are putting such positive energy into urban permaculture in Kampala’s sprawling urban fringe.

A chance for us to reflect on the journey we have been on, and possibly some thoughts on next steps.

We didnt manage to catch everyone, but we are circulationg a feedback form as well, w really want to her your thoughts, please everryone who has been involved.



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