12th April 2024

PDC day 12: Change

permaculture principle 12
Are you seeing a muddy field full of rocks, or the potential of the beautiful garden we are planning to build there?

S39 are working in partnership with permaculture pioneers in East Africa. Over the next 24 months we are teaming up with some of the best course graduates from the series of S39-led PDC’s since 2016 to create the S39 Academy of Permaculture. Many of these past trainees and now community leaders and becoming highly effective hnagemakers and educators in their own communities

Paul Ogola, whose proejct PermoAfrica is the subject of the video above has become a key partner in this training partnership, the presentation gives you a flavour of his work and our proposed partnership.

The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address (English version)

Final presentations

No idea why this video got an age restriction flag from YouTube, but you can view it by clicking through. The coverage is patchy but it is all there, pictures to follow.