26th May 2022

PDC day 03: Yields and income

Obtain a yield

We all require energy to sustain ourselves and to generate an income. Permaculture encourages us to develop short-term, medium-term and long-term yields. This can take teamwork and planning but we can still start right away. Notice how the vegetable in the icon picture has a bite taken out of it.

You can think of a yield as a positive feedback loop, a reward that will reinforce the behaviour that helped generate it.

Pictured above is Rogers Wasibi of the Mt Elgon Cofee and Honey Co-operative in Uganda. This high value crop supports tree planting and habitat regeneration as part of a permaculture led re-afforestation scheme, built around generating sustainable yields of coffee and honey.

Couple of lovely videos celebrating the innovations of certain individuals, applying observations and slowly building an ever more complex system that will increasing return a yield.

Plants that perform multiple functions and produce several different yields, few can beat vetiver.

todays session recorded

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