25th June 2022

PDC day 1: Ethics

Welcome to lesson 2

We are still at the start of our permaculture journey, thinking about change, thinking about the bigger picture. Sometimes you have to climb to the top of the mountain to get the overview of your village to see how it fits into a bigger picture.

This course references the book Small and Slow Solutions, use the button above to download your copy.

I hope you enjoyed The Overview Effect video which was part of lesson one. People who have been in space have almost religious revelations that of course we are all here together sharing this wonderful planet, we have a common home and once you step outside it you realise it is a single ecosystem. We are all one.

The air we breathe is cleaned and oxygenated by the plants,  growing in the living soil that gives us our food. Water is circulated by plants and the whole of nature runs on solar power. If you think about it – the same molecules of matter are moving around between the soil, the plants, the animals and us. This realisation does not require belief, because it is self apparent. Permaculture aims to build on these kind of certainties, to help us all reach consensus. We need to learn very quickly how to share this beautiful ecosystem of ours with all its constituent parts: plants, animals, microbes, birds and insects, for it is all of these elements put together that creates our living world.


Millennium Goals that became the SDG’s

As the year 2000 approached, the U.N. and other humanitarian bodies convened to outline objectives for our future world. Understanding that tackling issues of health, food security, pollution etc are all in some way interconnected. If we want to improve lives then we have to think about the whole much more and come up with more integrated projects that tackle the root causes, not just the symptoms of our problems. Over time, these have evolved into the SDG’s, Sustainable Development Goals and they are worth investigating.

SDG's concentric

 A power cut disrupted the transmission, we had to reboot.

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Lecture 1 on ethics in permaculture, via zoom.

Presented at Treflach farm June 2020

Lecture 2, Treflach PDC

What do you care about? What kind of world do you want to create? How you gonna carry that load?

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