6th July 2022

PDC day 10: principle 9

Slow and steady wins the race

Small and Slow Solutions

This module contains:

Life changing ideas and collaborative potentials.

A really nice song, hope you like it!

As an ex-economics teacher I cannot help but frame our car-crash with the ecology of the planet in an economic context. By measuring things in money we fail to have a real sense of value and make decisions which favour the made up numbers of finance over the reality of air, soil and water. I have been developing this presentation over several years and increasingly realise that creating a new value system is central to solving the problems of the modern world. What might a permaculture-informed economic paradigm look like? This session follows on from our talk on co-operatives values and principles from principle 8.

Paul Stamets is a legendary mycologist, firstly a TED talk to warm you up and in this tour de force keynote at Exponential Medicine (http://ExponentialMedicine.com) shares his work exploring the diverse role fungi may have in saving the bees, mushrooms as medicines as well as their role in human evolution and consciousness.

Permaculture Design Challenge

“Of course we are the mycelium, through our interactions we bring alive the very ideas and aspirations we are learning about on this course. Engagement in this process creates its own reality or you could simply call it — gardening”.
Steve Jones

A song I love, melancholy yet hugely uplifting. The wonderful, the marvelous: Mr Rory Gallagher

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