6th July 2022

PDC Day 9: Principle 8

Many hands make light work

Integrate rather than segregate

Together we are stronger. As much as we want to create integrated food and resource productive systems through design; forest gardens/ tree guilds/ zero waste strategies we also need to think about people. In many ways people are the ultimate resource, as frustrating as we all can be – it is only by harnessing the power of people that we can make effective and lasting change. This unit explores co-operation, group work, people patterns, decision making and more. The human part of permaculture is how we activate this insight and what it offers us. This builds on the idea of tree guilds in nature and challenges us to think about people guilds, teams and co-operation.

This unit contains:

This is design school, how do we connect elements together to make systems?

  • Village permaculture: a flavour of the African permaculture work of Rama Mutebi.
  • Afrozilla: it is the 21st century in Africa too. There is a force of creativity here, this is groundbreaking contemporary music, enjoy!
  • Bill reminds us of a key design concept.
  • Resources

Some exuberant children celebrating after their permaculture workshop with Ramadhan Mutebi, permaculture trainer in Busia, Uganda. Making everyone feel like they are a part of a bigger whole is the doorway to collaboration and co-operation on a much bigger scale. There is a strong sense of community in majority world countries but it is being rapidly eroded by consumerist ideas. I celebrate and value the work of pioneers like Rama. Since completing his PDC in 2017 he has worked tirelessly to extend his personal enthusiasm into his community.

Music from Luanda Angola, contemporary African music: Afrozila

Bill underlines how an integrated multi functional approach to design is how to build functionally resilient systems.

Evening lecture, introducing the design projects

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