1st December 2023

PDC trailer, permaculture in the borders

Full PDC at Treflach farm January 2023

A PDC is an internationally recognised curriculum of 72 hours. We are offering this over 24 weeks, with a three hour session each week. This includes a formal lecture followed by 50 mins of peer-peer chat and discussion in a mediated space.

Live theory sessions will be broadcast over zoom, and also recorded and posted. Opportunities for, practical and volunteer sessions each week, also other site visits by arrangement. A PDC is a mix of theory, practicals and case study examples.


The Mandala garden in the video above was designed by PDC students in April 2021`and we commeneced building it shortly after, on regular Thursday volunteer sessions. It is designed as a long term soil building experiment and we are part of a research partnership to monitor the impact of certain approaches and techniques to growing.

Here is an audio introduction to the PDC, recorded at Treflach farm 20/10/22 from lead tutor, Steve Jones.


S39 pdc poster

Supporting African participants

Data costs, transport and basic overheads. Some of those attending this PDC arre refugees and displaced people working hard to make a better life. Many farmers in East Africa are having to re learn their techniques as once stable weather patters are destabalised by climate change. Our aim to is help build a strong netowrk of teachers and practitioners across this huge and populous region.

Please consider supporting our Go Fund Me campaign, to make this opportunity much more accessible.

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