26th May 2022

PDC Treflach Farm

Following on from the very successful July PDC at Treflach Farm there seems to be sufficient interest to run another full course.

We are going to explore a different pattern this time as we want to offer more opportunity to spend time on the farm and for more face to face learning, whilst also recognising the limitations of our current circumstances.

This includes the wonderful chance to spend some days camped on organic land, with amazing views surrounded by a productive diverse farming community. There are great facilities, accessible toilets and showers, great farm produced food, a bar and recreation space and a variety of other spaces to use.

This mixed learning course can be experienced 100% online, but we strongly recommend that participants visit the farm in the middle long weekend (4 days) where you will engage in a series of practical demonstrations, site visits and more. It is also an important chance to mix, mingle and meet with like minded folk. Social distancing will be observed and any risk minimised, although we will be mainly outside and in agricultural buildings.

We normally plan and advertise these course up to a year in advance, but 2020 has not been a normal year and we are scrambling this together last minute to meet demand and we also recognise that permaculture has never been more relevant than it is now.

Module 1: Principles & ethics (online) 14th – 17th Sept
Module 2: Applications and practicals (on farm) 18th-21st
Module 3: Design school (online/ camping option at weekend) 24-27th

We have planned the course differently to make the most of weekend time and for a decent stretch of time on the farm.  We hope this format can work for you.

  • The price of £180 includes a £20 donation for African permaculture students.
  • Camping prices at the farm is variable depending if you provide your own tent or use the farms’ glamping facilities. Vehicles also welcome.
  • Many other local options available – B+B etc.
  • Farm supplied meals are £5 – £7
  • Sector39 are educational members of Permaculture Association Britain and of Eastern Uganda Permaculture Organisation.
Treflach on-farm shop. Free range meat products, vegan snacks, cakes and pies
loanstock advert, Dragons co-op
Dragons co-op, home to Sector39 is part financed by loanstock, a low interest loan secured against the value of the property. We are currently open for new investors.
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