26th May 2022

PDC@Treflach Farm 2020

We had planned a camping course, but obviously that is not currently practical. We have structured our plans to offer our first online course, or blended learning with a mix of styles and experiences delivered in real time, PDC live from Treflach Farm.

24 places, mix of participants.

  • Local (Mid Wales/ borders)
  • National (UK)
  • International (Africa)

Network with permaculture students, tutors, mentors from UK and East Africa.

The course will run over 12 days: June 29th – July 10th. Welcome also for a half-day site visit to the farm in middle weekend (choose a slot on your booking form).

Connect with this unique community of farming, educational and personal development practitioners.

These visits will be managed in accordance with health and safety guidance. 

To complete: we will reconvene two weeks later to present the permaculture design challenge projects we have been assigned. Final presentations: Saturday 26th July.

Notes: All course materials can be downloaded/ streamed in your own time to suit your schedule.

  • Allow a minimum of 3 hours per day for core study
  • Plus 2 live zoom chats, book-ending each day with the participants, course leaders and our hosts from Treflach Farm
  • Many more in depth materials available as well
  • Tutoring and mentoring relationships to help kickstart your career in permaculture
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