25th June 2022

Permaculture at Treflach Farm

As we approach the tenth anniversary of our first PDC at Treflach Farm, it is perhaps a good time to look back at some of the milestones of the last decade. A time which has seen permaculture explode around the world as an incredible creative force. Yet in 2020 as we stare devastating climate in the face we all must realise there is such a long way to go.

When we created Sector39 in 2005 we were asking ourselves the question, how can we best serve permaculture? How can we accelerate change? How can we reach as many different people as possible with this powerful insight into our relationship with our living planet?

Teach teachers, find future leaders, train activists, inspire people to start their own projects, support all those which are emerging. All of these things seemed like a good thing to concentrate on. The other consideration was to constantly move into new areas, not to sit in a safe zone. That idea is the one that has really driven S39 forward, from working with Eco-activists we started to get more and more professional and older people on the courses. Then we started getting invites to work with Transition Towns groups, allotment and gardening groups. 

In 2010 having been based at the Workhouse in Llanfyllin for a couple of years we offered to do a design project for Cwm Harry in Newtown. They are innovators in ecological solutions and at that time were developing an aerobic composting project, turning the region’s food waste and hedge trimmings into quality compost. We pitched the idea of turning the vacant lot behind the factory into a community horticulture project, an idea they liked so much they offered me a job to lead on its construction.

The long term outcome of this work is the Cultivate Centre in Newtown

And if interested here is the story of the Get-Growing project which developed the community horticulture hub.

Photos above are just a random selection of some of the increasingly diverse projects we have been involved in since we left Cwm Harry and Newtown and made our base in Llanrhaeadr which is 5 years now.

We lost one of the greats of out times this week, Mr Peter Green passed, leaving us all to reflect on his extraordinary musical legacy. I dedicate this post to his memory with this simply breathtakingly passionate, soulful, blistering guitar piece.

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