22nd May 2022

Permaculture for sustainable communities

our friends in Busia

This partnership will create more venues in permaculture that will benefit more farmers
Prince Sebe Maloba
Community leader

Sector39 began our friendship with Sebe and his colleague Aramadhan in 2017 when the completed a full Permaculture Design Course with us in Kamuli Uganda.

We have become aware that through teaching a series of course like this, in the process you also build a network. New connections are made and old ones strengthened.

After the PDC Sebe and Aramadhan created the Permaculture for Sustainable Households movement as a way to reach out support local farmers and families, advice, support and more. This year we have also been able to help support them with money for seeds, which they have used on cow peas, and other basic essentials.

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