12th April 2024

Rwandan rain gardens

save school rwanda permaculture

This is taking place at Save School in the Eastern province of Rwanda. These developments are the result of a year of hard work, planning and developing this exciting project. Project leader Rose Nibagwire is using the momentum from this project to help form the Rwandan Women’s Permaculture organisation.

I have searched for the workers who have the experience about this erosion control, I have supported some with money.
We have propagated many trees, but here we are planting the legumes first.
Tomorrow also we will work.
These are the volunteers in Rwandan women’s permaculture.
Along with the students at Save School.
Rose, Rwanda Women’s Permaculture

The project will establish a food forest for this public school, reducing and controlling soil erosion with rainwater fed productive garden.


Team leader Rose

Pictures below of the on-going works at Save School. Rose and the Rwandan Women’s Permaculture team have been consistently working here since early in 2020 and the work is really taking shape now.

trees for agro forestry

Garden designer Rose has added a selection of trees to the project from agro-forestry sources.

Cedrela is a genus of several species in the mahogany family

Calliandra , a genus of flowering plants in the pea family,fast growing, nitrogen fixing and with many uses

Grevelia – which I have not been able to research into yet.