12th April 2024

Save school feedback interviews

rose nibagwire
Save school interview 1, Rose Nibagwire and student March 2021
Save school interview 2, Rose Nibagwire and student
Save school interview 3, Rose Nibagwire and student

“Permaculture, it helps us with innovation and creativity”

A whole year has elapsed since Rose began her project with Save school in her home district in Rwanda. As well as designing a wonderful rain-fed school garden, Rose has led on its construction, sprouted, sown and grafted the plants and trees as well as building a community and wider interest around the school garden.

She has added vegetable gardens and also planted 100’s of fruit trees, which should quickly develop into an important source of extra nutrition for the pupils at the school.

Next up we are planning to run a full PDC at the school, mainly for female farmers and food growers from Rwanda, but also we will be inviting permaculture pioneers from DR Congo to join us as well. We dont yet have a firm date for that, but we are keeping an eye on the covid restrictions and and planning as nest we can.