26th May 2022

Survey at Karamoja

The S39 permaculture academy is putting out feelers to find partners, projects and land we can partner with to expand the scope of our permaculture education projects.

We have heard via our network of enthusiasts of an opportunity in Karamoja to help steer a family owned plot of 260 acres become a permaculture demonstration and learning centre and community farm. First images are it is bleak there, hot, dry and windy and looking over grazed at this time of year. Certainly much that can be improved upon, there are resources there too, a dam with water and the family are keen to learn and find people they can collaborate with.

This post will be where we will be collecting notes from the visit, expect more in coming days.

Thank you to team member Clovis for this report from the site visit

Some images from the first site visit

Land survey pictures from Day1

Meeting the local community

map of area
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