12th April 2024

Plans for 2024

S39 facilitate permaculture education through courses and projects via a network of trainees and partnerships built up over many years. Based in Wales UK, we ...
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Building an Academy of permaculture

Building on the recently completed 3 year project building a peer to peer permaculture training network. We are now planning our next steps, developing a ...
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S39-PDC-2023 Permaculture, food and the future

A new course is being offered at Treflach Farm for those interested in advanced permaculture design. It is aimed at people who have already completed ...
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S39 pdc poster

Permaculture Design Course 2023

Study Permaculture design as part of an international group, with leading teachers. Live from Treflach farm, Shropshire. Study theroy online with options for live practical ...
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fedge at Treflach farm

Treflach farm, mandala garden

Treflach Mandala, is a log term soil building experiment as well as a community garden bringing people together to grow food, learn and enjoy a ...
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Academy of Permaculture presents: #PDC_2023, permaculture design in a changing world

A Journey into permaculture A full PDC – over 24 weeks = 3-hour session each week Join the S39 Academy of Permaculture at Treflach farm ...
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New course: Permaculture and food security

Building soil, growing food and creating networks for mutual support Permaculture design is so much more than gardening, we repeat this ad infinitum but it ...
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Treflach dreaming

New podcast, direct from the farm “Treflach Dreaming” Episode one, exploring the history and folklore of the borderlands Episode two, talking about the farm, farming, ...
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PDC 2021 images and outcomes

Images from the 2021 S39 PDC at Treflach farm
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Soil research and BRIX testing @ Treflach farm

Developing an experimental growing space at Treflach Pushing ahead with what might turn out to be quite an ambitious plan, but we are building a ...
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