18th May 2022

Treflach dreaming

New podcast, direct from the farm "Treflach Dreaming"

Teaser for the new podcast series Jack and I are working on to mark the S39 Permaculture prize

Episode one, exploring the history and folklore of the borderlands
Episode two, talking about the farm, farming, bees and coppicing. We meet a few characters as well.
Episode three, exploring the edges and diversity of the farm and meeting Jezz realising the diversity of activities on the farm.
wprking wiht ducks
Planting some hazel for future coppicing in front of our lovely willow fedge.

Celebrating S39 winning the annual prize from the Permaculture Magazine, and back at Treflach farm in the Welsh borders Steve and Jack and re-united for a series of 6 podcasts. 

We are weaving this broadcast into a weekly Permaculture Club at Treflach farm where we building a garden, undertaking research and reaching out to volunteers, interested parties and anyone wanting to really find out about permaculture and see it in action at a farm scale. We are at the farm every Thursday from 10 am and we welcome one and all.

S39 first came to Treflach farm in 2010 to teach a 12-day permaculture course and it set of a chain reaction of events that lead us to where we are today. Looking forward into the future and the tremendous challenges humanity faces I cant but help thinking that permaculture design offers up many of the ideas we will need to formulate effective and planetary wide responses.

The S39Academy of Permaculture is our contribution to permaculture education, project development and teacher training. Permaculture is a bottom up approach to development, it starts with the soil and is there for the benefit of all.

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