6th July 2022

Wales Real Food and Farming Conference

Snippets and highlights from the Wales Food and Farming conference. This four-day on-line conference, which has grown out the Oxford Real Farmers Conference.

The conference explores what Colin Tudge call Real Farming: smaller scale approaches, regenerative and conservation farming, whilst exploring he overlaps and edges with the mainstream farming world. There is an increasing diversity of projects and farms and food growing across Wales and much to learn from and be inspired by in spire of the huge challenges we face.

Cultivate video below taken in 2015. The header picture was taken there this summer.

This organic horticulture and permaculture training centre integrated food growing and social inclusion functions, along side enterprise development in the local food economy.

This was a Heritage lottery funded project led by Cwm Harry Newtown. and it has evolved into its own self sustaining social enterprise.  Integrated projects such as this can create ways for people to connect with food culture and society.

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