Building an Academy of permaculture

Building on the recently completed 3 year project building a peer to peer permaculture training network. We are now planning our next steps, developing a ...
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Crisis of evolution, change or fail

Warnings do not come sterner than this… the climate crisis is here There are no none-radical solutions left As climate change increasingly exacerbates extreme ...
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nakivale permaculture team

Refugees United

This is a proposed permaculture support group for educators, learners and support workers, who are or work with refugees and internally dispalced people. Our goal ...
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Update from TAPA, Uganda

TAPA planning meeting The TAPA and APAD groups discuss thier next priorities Teso is a sub-region within Eastern Uganda. It is a hotter and dryer ...
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Community growing, Rwanda

S39 member Stella visited Rwanda this week as as an evaluation trip to on-going permaculture project and community gardening work there.
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S39-PDC-2023 Permaculture, food and the future

A new course is being offered at Treflach Farm for those interested in advanced permaculture design. It is aimed at people who have already completed ...
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A permaculture journey

Permaculture is a force for positive change, like none other! A chance encounter, back in late 1990 changed the course of my life, and consequently ...
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steve jones and friends

Arkleton Trust report

Permaculture as a tool for empowerment for marginalised people. The S39 team are creating an Academy of Permaculture, supporting on-going education for pioneers, community leaders ...
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term 1 PDC 2023


Session 4: Pattern understanding Session 4 is on 24 January 4.30 -7.30 PM GMT Topic: S39 PDC SessionTime: Jan 24, 2023 16:30 London Join Zoom ...
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PDC build-up

This is a series of short videos and comments building up to the S39 2023 Full PDC. The key lectures will be presented online, with ...
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