18th May 2022

Paul Odiwour Ogola

paul in Adjumani


Paul talks about his permaculture journey

paul ogola permaculture teacher


Paul on a training visit to Butaleja, Uganda in March 2020

Paul is a S39 graduate from 2016 who has since become a pioneering teacher, community leader and very well respected permaculture specialist. He is transforming his home community of Homa Bay in Kenya, reaching out to and training many 100’s of subsistence farmers.

As well as working with S39 on their 2017 and 2018 courses, he also joined us in Nyamaanzi in Uganda, piloting training for refugees and displaced people, also in 2018.

He established his own permaculture training centre PermoAfrica Centre in response to community interest and his own desire to build on what he had learnt. Paul has since proved himself not only as a very effective teacher but as a project developer, fundraiser and very effective networker, drawing in volunteers and students from across Kenya and beyond. He is training European and Americans volunteers in the basics and application of permaculture design.

https://permoafrica-centre.weebly.com/ See much more of Paul’s work on his own website, he is also very active on social media

Paul reflects on his PDC in 2016, he has come such a long way since then!

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1 thought on “Paul Odiwour Ogola

  1. Such a pleasure to work with you Paul, you have covered so much ground since Grave interviewed you in 2016 after your PDC, what I found interesting is that you have gone ahead and done all the things you were thinking about back then!
    You are in many ways the inspiration for the academy, asking the question how can we reach and train and support many people people in different communities who can lead like you are doing?

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