26th May 2022


Sector39 Ltd. links Wales and Africa through a mutual exchange of experience and outcomes implementing permaculture design principles. We are embedded in co-operative principles: namely the re-investment of surplus; we seek to make nothing more than a living from our work and every penny we make is re-invested into permaculture education.

Sector39 is an enterprise not a charity, but our charitable partner Permaculture Association Britain can accept charitable donations towards mutual project aims. We are actively trying to build a sustainable livelihood from permaculture, community action and educational support and services. The projects we are promoting here for support are all closely linked to our network and include trained permaculture teachers. We will only promote a maximum of 6 projects at a time.

S39 trainer Godfrey Opolot with South Sudanese refugees in Bidibidi, 2018
Permaculture teachers on the front line

COVID-19 has devastated Paul and the brave community behind this visionary permaculture project who are staring starvation and destitution in the face. The conservancy relies on permaculture ethics and its principles and farming concepts, and it’s collapsed. As a result, there have been massive losses in farm work among the community permaculture farmers who live here, no food, and no healthcare and poverty rising, our community needs a miracle and that miracle could be us.

Evans Mangwende is a permaculture teacher and community leader in Zimbabwe
Evans (2nd left) at the permaculture convergence Uganda 2018

Evans Mangwende Zimbabwe

We are also supporting Evans Mangwende: I am in the village and we are still working as a family on our plots. 2 widows paid me a visit today to offer me more land for the project and I did not know what to say. The land is very good and a kilometre from my home.

I have been looking after children for the past 3 years and had to suspend our feeding program because of water problems. These 2 have been assisting me and now they feel that we can put this land to better use and help our poor rural communities. The land is more than 8 hectares and the other part is a wetland. There are trees and small streams passes through the land. There are more than 8 large ant hills.

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