6th July 2022


S39 administration page

Certificate of completion for the 2020 PDC. There are two pages, so it can be printed front and back, or separate 2 pages put back to back.

This is a one page certificate for you to present to EUPO on the meeting before the evaluation work.

We agreed that team building is important as well as recognizing the achievements and hard work of those concerned.

Let it be understood that we greatly value this partnership

This evaluation is how we prepare for our next step forward. Arkleton trust will be vary happy to receive your feedback.


PNG file – portable network graphic, this is the file they will need for adding our logo to T-shirts or masks etc. Click on the button to download

June 2021, message to the EUPO team

The video is on YouTube and is about 100mb.

I have added the audio track only below as a separate file, this is onluy 5mb and will be easy to download. One way or the other I hope I can share my message with you and the EUPO team

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